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Why has my camelia gone brown?


By Fess

United Kingdom Gb


I have three camelias next to each other in my front garden. They have been there for a number of years, but just this spring, the one in the middle appears to be dying. The flower buds have turned brown and dried up before opening and the leaves are brown and dried. I have noticed that there are some bugs on the underside of the leaves, but Im not sure if they are the cause. Can anyone help please?

On plant Camellia japonica



hellow and welcome to GoY
bugs hiding underleaves is a suggestion of infestation and if severe could cause the syptoms you describe. do you know what the bugs are? inspect the other shrubs for the same thing and i would spray the shrubs.

19 May, 2009


Thanks for your reply Seaburngirl.

I have had a closer look at the leaves, and it would appear that there is a fine silk web on some of them, with what look like tiny empty cocoons. The other camelias are showing yellowing to odd leaves, and most of these leaves also have the same bugs/webs on the underside.

19 May, 2009


Spray with a systemic insecticide, If the brown unopened buds are caused through pests they will be hard and firmly attached, If they are frost damaged they will be soft and come off easily in your hand. But your description you need to spray.

19 May, 2009

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