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codonopsis - is it a climber, trailer or scrambler?


By Bren


Hi,I have grown codonopsis lanceolata from seeds,and for the life of me, cannot remember whether its a climber .trailer or a scrambler through other plants
Age is creeping up on me

On plant Codonopsis



Hi Bren, that one is twining scrambling... we've got some seedlings coming on and I'm really looking forward to seeing them flower as the description I've read states: flowers are pale green on the outside, with chocolate purple shading on the inside bottom, and violet spotting higher up inside

24 May, 2009


I allow this one to climb through other plants so that you can see inside of the flower.

24 May, 2009


Thanks a lot,will let it do its own thing,and you are right,moon it looks a stunner

24 May, 2009


Don't forget to take some pix once it is grown up and flowering

24 May, 2009

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