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Am having trouble uploading photos from my - the message says they are too large. They are only normal photos stored in 'pictures' on laptop, do I have to do something to them first?



Make copies of them and set the resolution to 72 dpi which is plenty for screen viewing

3 Jul, 2012


If your camera didn't come with any editing programmes,
you can download the following which is free and even though 99% of it I don't understand, there is a facility to scale down the size of your photos which I do. So a 4 MB photo ends up at about 700 KB and looks very much the same.

This programme is as near as you will get to Photoshop which cost many hundreds of pounds.

3 Jul, 2012


The reason there are so many close ups on GOY is they use up less MB. A more general view may have too many. Check out your camera for a trim in the menu. Trim down if poss on camera following screen prompts. Otherwise a free Picassa download has easy to use trim facility. There is a check on MB when you hover the thumbnail picture....if too much trim, down by chosen method before uploading your picture.

4 Jul, 2012


Thank you Moon grow, Scrumpygrat and Dorjac, - will give it a go.

7 Jul, 2012

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