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Dwarf Delphiniums pot size

Shropshire, United Kingdom

Has anyone grown Dwarf Delphiniums in pots? The plant i have has information that it will grow 3 ft high. Would a 7" pot be sufficient?

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That does not sound like a dwarf, Mark! I don't think that 7" would be big enough for one that size and you will have to stake it or it will fall over at the first puff of wind.

30 Apr, 2008


It was listed as Dwarf, i suppose if most grow to 6 ft or so - it is half size! As long as 7" is big enough for the roots of a 3 ft plant it could be staked, or do you think the roots would require an 8" pot.
I don't really want to use too big a pot, as i am experimenting with them to see if i will be able to show them with the Begonias. Too big a pot will take up too much room, and be heavier to lift (especially to the top of the staging). Maybe they won't make a show plant?

30 Apr, 2008


I agree with Spritzhenry, you will need a bigger pot for sure.They make very good show plants.

30 Apr, 2008


Hi Mark Iv Delps & they only grow 2 32inches/80cm You sure its not in CM`s not feet? :)

30 Apr, 2008


Wyeboy, What size pot would you recommend for a 3' Delphinium? I do know that i have grown 3' Begonias in 7" pots before now. Do Delphiniums grow more roots than Begonias?
Jacque, i have found the book i ordered then from and it does say 3' the smallest they had, which is why i ordered the one i did. I got my tape measure out, 32" is only 4" less than 3' perhaps the information isn't quite accurate. Is yours a Dwarf Delphinium? (or is that a name only used by the company i ordered from?)

30 Apr, 2008


Got mine from B&Qs few wks back Mark & it dont say their Dwarf on their Label? just got how big they grow on them Like Hight&spread,I want2 pot mine up in2 bigger pots &not into the ground but dont no size needed 4 them?Iv some very large pots spare would it hurt do u think2 plant them in there?

30 Apr, 2008


Just remembered Mark another garden centre id been 2 had 32cm 1s 4 sale &their Label didnt say Dwarf either & i asked where the big Delps were&the lady z they werent ready yet2be put on sale? this is going back March time now,Hope this is of some help?:D

30 Apr, 2008


Jacque, mine were ordered through the post from Blackmore & Langdons (the same company i get a lot of my Begonias from). 3', 3.5', 4' & 4.5' were all classed as Dwarf. Others were 5', 5.5', 6', 6.5'.
Perhaps they just use "Dwarf" to describe the smaller and larger Delphiniums they have themseves? I don't know. Mine came in 3" pots and i potted them straight into 5" pots, I was going to pot them on into 7" pots but it would seem that they aren't big enough. I hope to put them into their final pot after the 5", as they might be getting a bit big to handle to pot them on again, i'm not sure - yet.

30 Apr, 2008


Iv just Loaded a pic of my 3 Delps Mark & their still in4inch pots

30 Apr, 2008


I have a couple of lovely dwarf delphs in my garden - 3 foot is about right for a dwarf one. They're great because they don't usually need staking, unlike the full size 6-foot ones. To be honest, I think you could get away with a 7" pot, if the compost is well drained/gritty and the plants get well fed. I've grown delphs from seed and cuttings before and kept them in pots for at least a year before planting them out with no problems and I used smaller pots than 7", but then I wasn't intending to show them! Hope this helps.

30 Apr, 2008


Hello Sid, thanks for sharing your experience of Dwarf delphiniums. Now i know that someone else has grown them in a 7" pot i think i will try a 7", for now anyway. I would always pot the Begonias from a 5" to a 7", and one or two of them grow to about 3' high.

1 May, 2008

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