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Is it too late to hard-prune a spirea which has grown far too big?


By Naki

United Kingdom Gb

It didn't flower this spring, possibly because I pruned it too late last year?? Consequently I couldn't exactly prune it this year straight after flowering, as it didn't flower so I wasn't sure when. Help!



Do you know which spiraea you have? There are two types and different pruning times. Either flowers on last years growth or flowers on this years growth.

One may be a little late, but the other type which can flower up till June should be ok a little later.

27 May, 2009


Spiraea japonica, the one with the pink flat clusters of flowers should be hard-pruned in early spring. Then it grows back and flowers very soon - too late to prune that. You might still get a few blooms.

Spiraea arguta which has long sprays of white flowers has finished flowering for this year and can therefore be cut back.

There are others... it really would be helpful to know which one you have - at least a bit more info, like what colour the flowers are, please!

27 May, 2009


Thank you both, Llew and Spritzhenry, for your help. My Spirea does indeed have long white sprays of blossom, so I guess it's S.Arguta. I have two of them, so I'll hedge my bets and cut back one leaving the other to do next year, if this year's cut doesn't stop next year's flowering. Thanks again.

3 Jun, 2009

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