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what does a Jackmanii clematis look like when it first starts to grow?


By Bet

new york, United States Us

I I had bought a young Jackmanni clematis hybrid last year. It didnt seem to be doing all that well. This year I seem to have a several stems sprouting with little green like flowers on them. Is this still the clematis or shall I start over and try again?

On plant Clematis jackmanii



No that does not sound like the clematis, but don't give up hope, some take a long time to establish or seem to dissapear for a year or two then pop up when you have forgotten about them, in my experience. That is why I have a large number, I thought they had died bought another put it in a different place, not to disturb the origional, just hoping it would re-apear, then when they did re appear a few years later I had forgotten the name! They are all well worth the early stress they caused me. Good luck.

28 May, 2009


Hi Bet......Jackmanii clematis has large purple flowers, cant say what the green flowering plant is....:>)

28 May, 2009

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