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Heuchera in the shade?


By Tosh

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Just bought a Heuchera 'Strawberry Candy' without checking whether it will be ok where I want to put it - in semi shade. Is it going to be ok there or do I need to put it on the other side of the garden? Whatjerreckon GoYs?



It prefers half sun, half shade, so it'll be fine.

28 May, 2009


Thanks Bamboo, glad you said that - my partly shaded bed has mainly ground cover stuff in it and the Heuchera should give the area a little more 'sculptural' interest. I'll pop it in tomorrow.

28 May, 2009


i have all mine in semi shade too, they lift the area nicely and all year round too.

28 May, 2009


I also have quite a lot of different Heucheras and i plant them in all aspects and they all perform very well, i think they'll tolerate pretty much whatever you give them.

The only thing that affected mine earlier this year was caterpillars :(
Only the Heucheras in the shady part were affected, not the brighter parts.
I discovered it after 3/4 of the plant had gone but .... it's bouncing back now that the little critters have gone!
Luckily they're tough

29 May, 2009


In fully sunny positions their patternings can become a little less distinct I believe. I think just a bit of protection from midday sun is a good rule of thumb for them.

29 May, 2009


I planted it today in a shady-ish spot. Looks great! Have also guarded against anything eating it with some noxious spray that apparently makes the leaves bitter and therefore unappetizing to nasty nibbling things!

31 May, 2009

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