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Dads Hedge

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

Hi again everyone my dads got a hedge on side of his house which as grown and been looked after for many years with no problems but recently the leaves on the one end shrivelled up and now as gone completely bare, any suggestions as to whats happening???




Could be frost, this last winter was the coldest for 18 years! Just prune the dead leaves/branches off and it should recover.

31 May, 2009


you dont say what type of hedge it is?

31 May, 2009


Dad's hedge has come to the end of it's natural life. Dig out, replace the soil and plant a new one

31 May, 2009


i think i heard someone say it was privet or something like that,doctor bob surely must be a easier way, ill take a picture and upload it as soon as i get home,thanks for your help and time

31 May, 2009


Drought? Seems more likely than the frost possibility if it has started to develop recently. ... Rescue with hose.

1 Jun, 2009


thankyou jon,i mentioned this yesterday as its been quite intense heat now and again,ill get the hose on it now and see if that cheers it up

1 Jun, 2009


Fungus damage always appears after a dry spell, remember when the ground is frozen plants etc. cannot get moisture. You will have to cut the hedge down because it will die back anyhow. Dig around the roots for tell tale signs of Mycelium white threads.

1 Jun, 2009

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