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Where is the best place in the garden to plant a Salix Caprea (Kilmarnock)


By Dcb256

United Kingdom Gb

I recieved this lovely tree from my son and would like to know the best way to care for it

On plant Salix caprea



In answer to your question I am quoting directly from 'Botanica' 1997 edition.
Salix caprea. Pussy Willow, Florists' willow.
'Native to Europe and northeast Asia, this dense shrub or tree grows 10-30 ft....This species grows well in brackish marshlands but its very strong suckering habit can cause great problems in a smaller garden. 'Kilmarnock' is a stiffly pendulous weeping tree,usually grafted at 6 ft.with a dense head of yellow and brown shoots.'
From this it would appear that the best place to plant it would be somewhere that is well away from drains or foundations and where the ground doesn't dry out

1 Jun, 2009


i have one of these that is graftted in my garden it is only short about 2 feet high.the spread on it is wondeful. it does need a fair bit of wisw i havnt done anything to mine and this is the 3rd summer.there is a pic in my garden.

1 Jun, 2009

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