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I have had a box topiary spiral for about 6 year's. it's about 3feet tall. i repotted it last year as it had been in the same pot for a long time. From this year, however, it seem's to be slowly dying from the bottom up. Some of the leave tips are cream coloured & some rust coloured. I have used Miracle Grow to no avail & was wondering if because we've had so much rain all the nutrients have been washed out of the pot so i'v top dressed with fresh compost, pushed 4 slow release fertilliser plugs in & also sprinkled a little fish bone & blood around the pot.....nothing.....please help...thank-you. I really don't want to lose this plant xx



im afraid youve shocked it and its showing its dissaprovel i think . all what youve done mite be overkill . the only thing different is the repotting as it was fine before or i guess there could be something got into it bye coinsedance excuse my spelling . a photo could well help as it goes .

20 Jul, 2012


Thank you Noseypotter....i'll have to get my camera sorted so i can put a pic on x

6 Aug, 2012


your welcome .

7 Aug, 2012

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