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what is this please

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

I was walking earlier and noticed t
his beautiful plant.thanks for you
r help.I'm not sure how the pic will turn o
ut as I'm using my fone




Its a delphinium

7 Jun, 2009


thank you very much mageth

7 Jun, 2009


A Very Beautiful Blue Delphinium 2 FutureG :)

7 Jun, 2009


Lovely colour!

7 Jun, 2009


ooh i hope mine come out this beautiful shade of blue
its lovely

x x x

7 Jun, 2009


its not mine,i just noticed it down the road whilst out walking lol thought id find out what it is

7 Jun, 2009


beautiful :o)

7 Jun, 2009


ive just realised i planted a delphinium last year but when it died of i didnt cut it back or dp anything with it, will it still come back???

8 Jun, 2009


it may well do

be a case of watch this space

x x

8 Jun, 2009

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