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What would happen if I re potted my Camellia in non ericaceous compost ?



After a short while it would fail to thrive and the leaves would go yellow due to inability to take up nutrients out of non acid, possibly alkaline, soil. Camellias are best in the ground that is neutral or slightly acid and fed with ericaceous fertiliser at regular intervals. If in a pot, it needs to be a decent size, and ericaceous compost topped up at regular intervals. Eventually it will not thrive as Camellias want to get quite large. A pot is not the best place long term.

6 Aug, 2012


Agree with the above. if you used compost from a bag from a garden centre then it is prob neutral to slightly alkali. Adding ericacious feed will help the Camilla and stop the yellowing but you need to keep adding it. Not tried it yet but the old fashioned method was to add a rusty nail or two around a Camilla to get Iron into the roots. You can add rusty staples if you do not have nails. Also helps with fruit trees such as Pear.

6 Aug, 2012


You'd need to add Sequestrene iron tonic immediately, and at least once, possibly twice, a year thereafter.

6 Aug, 2012

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