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I have an old apple tree in my garden. A few weeks ago it was covered in baby apples and I carefully weeded out leaving lots of single strong ones. I looked again today and there was NOT A SINGLE apple on the tree. None had fallen off, they hadn't been eaten, not a single one even right at the top of the tree where there had been plenty. It's as if they'd disappeared. It's never happened before- any ideas?



Gosh what a poser? Could it be squirrels

10 Aug, 2012


I DO have squirrels in my garden but it's never happened before and if it WAS the squirrels it is strange that there wasn't one single one left. Honestly, it's so WEIRD!!!

11 Aug, 2012


could be pidgeons as they will strip a tree of fruit realy quickly once they find it .

11 Aug, 2012


Thank you Noseypotter, blimey! PIDGEONS, - didn't know they ate fruit!

12 Aug, 2012


i have a very large praductive cherry tree and they strip that of a good 50lb of cherries in a day or so just b4 they ripen . your welcome lol .

12 Aug, 2012

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