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Plant labels.
Is there a larger alternative to the small plastic labels one can buy by the hundred? The little ones are OK for pots, but not much use in the garden, they get swamped by the vegetation and easily come out.
I'm thinking of something about an inch wide and six or more inches long. Maybe some forum members have tips on how they make their own?



I am using a method described by a GoYer a few years ago. Use a suitable sized pebble, piece of slate or whatever and write on it with a fine-point CD pen. Then seal the face with a waterproof varnish.

7 Sep, 2012


i don't buy labels anymore, I have bought them by the thousands in the past and used to get really cross when the following year, I would pull one out to read it and it would disintergrate. I now use second hand venetion blinds, I know it takes a while to snip them to the required length, but they don't snap, and if you face the writing away from the sun, ordinary pencil won't fade. Funny enough I couldn't get hold of any blinds locally, so have just bought a couple of second hands one from the shop on the ether. Both 99p but the post was more, even so i have saved pounds on a box of 1000 labels. I have also painted names on pebbles using masonry paint, but that takes too long for all the labels i do. But i do have them dotted around the garden under clems, shrubs and a few perennials.

8 Sep, 2012


Many thanks for the suggestions. The pebble idea sounds nice for plants and flowers-if I could be bothered with the varnish.....
The Venetian blind sounds a cracking idea--wish we hadn't taken all the old ones to the tip when we moved in here! Maybe I'll go back an see if anyone has thrown any away.

9 Sep, 2012

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