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County Antrim, Ireland Ie

Does anyone know what type of plant this is. 3 petal blue flower and there's loads in my garden.




Not to sure a type of wildflower perhaps.

When we were on holiday in Tuscany a few weeks back I came across a similar flower.

11 Sep, 2012


Check out Commelina dianthifolia.

11 Sep, 2012


or if not that then try the tradescantias.

11 Sep, 2012


What gives it away is the way the seeds are nestled in the old flower head.

11 Sep, 2012


Thank you everyone for your reply, been lookn for weeks on the net to see what this was. They are beautiful plants but I like to know the names of what grows in my garden.

12 Sep, 2012


Yeah i grew these from seed this year(i have a pic somewhere in my library) came up very easy i ended up with more than i exspected and they have plenty of seed heads and flower all summer. ;-)

12 Sep, 2012

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