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training eucalyptus niphophila as a tree

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do I keep nipping out side shoots?18inch sapling is growing but is very whippy,I have it tied to a has doubled in height since planting in March.Do continue to train like this?when doesit become more self supporting?I would like it to be a small single stemmed tree not a shrub.thankyou

On plant Eucalyptus



This particular variety of eucalyptus is a bit unpredictable - the largest one known is 80 feet high, but others choose to grow as (quote from book) "a leaning or prostrate" tree. They also have a tendency to produce 3 or more main "trunks" and I guess this is what you're trying to prevent. Trouble is, if its natural growth habit is to stabilise itself by producing all those separate trunks from the base, you're going against that by keeping one main stem, which might be why it's still whipping about. I suggest you carry on with what you're doing, if what you desire is an extremely tall, single trunked tree, but you might have been better off choosing E. gunnii.

19 Jun, 2009

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