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Garden shredders

Buying a Garden Shredder

Like the idea of cutting out trips to the landfill or tip? Garden shredders will convert your garden debris (small branches, twigs and leaves) into mulch for use around the garden or into small shreds that will compost a lot quicker. There are a couple of things to consider when buying a shredder -

Burning garden rubbish

No more burning garden rubbish or trips to the tip

Noise levels and type of blades

The noisy garden shredders tend to be the ones that work by using a spinning blade to do the chopping. Unfortunately they also tend to be the cheaper models.

The quieter models (sometimes called silent garden shredders) use a different cutting mechanism. Unlike their noisier cousins, which require you to push material into it, the silent shredders are usually self feeding as their turning cogs pull the material into the shredder where it is crushed and then cut as opposed to just cut.

Electric Shredders vs Petrol Shredders

Electric shredders tend to be cheaper. Make sure the cable is long enough to get to where you want to do your shredding.

Petrol shredders are usually much more powerful and give you the freedom to move around your garden. They also tend to be more expensive but sell for a reason and that reason being the quality of the cuttings they produce. Don't forget a petrol garden shredder will require more maintenance and also constantly filling with petrol.

Be prepared to...

Unclog your shredder, especially as you are learning to use your machine and learning what it will happily take. Make sure you clean it out (some will come with a screen) as wet garden waste can clog the insides. Also, make sure you have somewhere for it to live, especially an electric shredder, as they don't really want to be left outside.

flymo quiet garden shredder

Flymo have a very interestingly designed storage solution for their quiet shredder

Using a garden shredder to make compost

A shredder in not going to make compost! What it is going to do is chop your gardening waste (and kitchen waste like vegetables and fruit) into smaller bits which tend to decompose quicker. Read the blurb on the model you are considering buying - some of the quiet models can produce larger shreds that take longer to compost.

Types of garden waste

Offshoots from hedges, foliage from plants, leaves and twigs and even kitchen waste like vegetables and fruit can all go in a shredder.

Size of garden waste

Most models will state what size twigs and branches you can safely feed into the shredder (usually up to the 40mm diameter mark). A garden shredder is no replacement for a chain saw or a log splitter.

Where to buy

Mow direct have a good selection of petrol and electric garden shredders at great prices and offer free delivery on all orders.


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