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Call that a root ?????


Thought I would remove my 3 lalandi from my garden.
Wish I never started.
10 years old,grown 12 feet, chopping them down wasn’t the problem, thought about the roots,drilling with copper this, & feeding them acid that.
In the end, I thought,get on your knees, & dig the thing out !!!! Well, the root ball measured 3 feet x 2.5. It took me 2 & a half days , still , replenishing the soil with proper nutrients , which the lalandi had deprived the soil of, was well worth giving something back to nature !!
If yours is near your house , then the roots are already well established, & enlarging every year !! Cheers Turniphead !!!!

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Yea, well worth the effort digging them out and re plenishing the soil with nutrients taken by the conifers!
But, you'll probably ache for a couple of days, for your effort!!!,

18 Jan, 2015


Sorry to spoil your day, but when my 40ft high Lelandii
were cut down by the professionals, (they were Council owned so they paid the £400 each) they told me not to treat the roots as they would not grow again.
They havent.

18 Jan, 2015


Well done satisfying when you get a big job done. What are you going to plant in your replenished soil?

18 Jan, 2015


Thats why I really don't like leylandii......they were only a chance cross that was fast growing, the growers didn't realise what a thug they would become!

18 Jan, 2015


Good job well done ....

18 Jan, 2015


Well done indeed., and very rewarding too! True they wouldn't have regrown but you couldn't replant with the old roots still there. Its a puzzle to me why they are still so easily available - they ought to come with a warning that yes, they grow fast, but they don't stop either!

Does anybody else remember when they first became popular - Gardener's Question Time use to recommend them to replace privet!

18 Jan, 2015


Over the years quite a few plants that have been introduced become trouble don't they.....

18 Jan, 2015


that's the problem with non native species. but as gardeners we are the worst culprits. ;o)

18 Jan, 2015

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