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Insect Drama


This drama unfolded very quickly today -late afternoon when I returned from work. My daughter had been outside on the decking that surrounds our conservatory and had left the door ajar probably the whole time.
Suddenly, my wife notice there was a very large bee inside the conservatory which was frantically trying to reach for the sky it could see through the roof glazing. My initial response was to try to persuade him out of the door with a broom which wasn’t working too well. Within seconds he moved to a corner where a small spider had a spun trap awaiting…..The bee loomed too close for my comfort and the spider rapidly moved toward him only to realise this was something just TOO big for him to tackle! In this same time frame – a fly flew almost straight into the web and again there was a swift spider response which resulted in a quick venom injection with my friend the bee only inches away from the drama. Once more my bee went too close and began to entangle himself by the leg in the encased fly’s web cocoon – I reacted and attacked the spider and fly combo which were now caught in my broom. Removing them both to the handrail outside where I tapped them free from the bristles.

I looked around for my bee friend- nowhere to be seen and then and THEN he was in the door jamb….One more rapid trip to the garage for my pond net and just a little coax and he flew to freedom! Halllelujah I saved him……I LOVE BEES!
I do wish I had my camera in hand- but maybe that would have been at the bee’s demise….
I have NOT added or subtracted to the story for the sake of ‘artistic license’
My account is entirely factual.

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oh heck,I`d have been out the door as soon as I spotted the web,well done on saving the bee tho...........

2 Apr, 2010


you had a working bee then

3 Apr, 2010


Enough drama for one day I recon !!!

3 Apr, 2010


Well Begoniafan you certainly had an exciting time. Some people may not realise how much excitement is to be had by a closer look at the insect world.
I'm glad you saved the bee though, their problems are great just now.
We have a humane insect trap which is battery powered. It is a gentle vacuum which you put near the insect, which goes up a transparent tube, then you empty it into the garden. When I approach a bee with it, I always speak in a gentle voice and reassure it and it almost always works. My family laugh at me though and just think I'm loopy.

3 Apr, 2010


I tried to explain to my sister-in-law how valuable & precious and endangered bees are but sadly she rates them as stinging pests along with wasps etc....

6 Apr, 2010

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