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Summer? Let down....


Well, what can I say….? As my username suggests- I am a begonia fan, however, with the summer we haven’t had here in wet, windy,unpredictable Scotland, I am extremely disappointed this year. I still have several begonia plants not even hinting at flower yet- AND some which never even poked through the compost. All very frustrating. I do however love Scotland and I’m looking forward to going up north with my wife & friends for a week long tour and with camera/tripod in hand.
One plant which has done well though is my osteospermums- actually a little TOO well – the lovely acer I planted in the centre of the large container is completely swamped! -just showing the leaf tips and no more. I’m praying it will survive in tact.

I have only returned to GOY with a clematis problem in the questions section as I really have been busy this year in great anticipation for my begonias which have been a terrific let-down. At the moment I have an ongoing footpath and water feature pebble-pond all in slow progress. Hopefully, when that’s all finished I’ll be able to spend some time with pics taken around the garden.
If it stops raining today- I’ll get the grass cut…..!
One other good thing was that I have my water-butt set up at the end of my garage and approx. 7/8ths full !

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Well it's not improving here, Marguerite! Rain this morning (yet again), low cloud cover this afternoon - threatening more rain. SIGH! I know we all keep on about it, but we just haven't had any summer this year (or last).

3 Aug, 2008


Too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry. Us gardeners are never satisfied in the UK. If it ever is right, then the wind shreds everything!
The other day we had a vicious hailstorm in July - talk abut climate change

3 Aug, 2008


we seem to be getting the four seasons in one day

3 Aug, 2008


Thanks all for your response - we seem to be in the same boat !

3 Aug, 2008


Yes, Begoniafan.
You're definitely not the only one whose garden has been totally unpredictable in this weird-weather summer.
It seems you have lots of ongoing projects, so looking forward to hearing more about those as time goes on.

13 Sep, 2008

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