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I am a self employed gardener/garden designer . I adore my garden which has developed slowly over the past 18 years and is STILL not finished! I am particularly influenced by the late Christopher Lloyd and use plenty of luscious hot colours when given half a chance. I abhor the safe "Blue, Pink and White" garden that many of my less adventurous clients seem to favour - but I always manage to sneak in a magenta geranium somewhere! My garden companions are feline and canine - the former spends much of its time hiding in the plants and the latter spends much time sniffing out interesting creatures.

Latest photos

  • Cannas and Bamboo (sorry wanted to link to garden so posted it again!) (Canna indica (Indian shot plant))
  • Penstemon, Canna, Cotinus "Royal Purple"
  • Cannas and Bamboo (Canna and Phyllostachys)

Latest blogs

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