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Dawn as promised some information and some photos of our multi stemmed Betula jacquemontii which we purchased in February 2012.……………unfortunately we moved them three times.! they ended up next to the fence, which is not ideal, only because we needed some privacy fairly quickly, we had removed the plant covered trellis, which had rotted which then left us very exposed unfortunately, still they do the job, especially during the Spring and Summer months!!
They have been pruned once to keep them bushy!
They are, to my mind not a true multi stemmed tree! Just three trees in one container………………

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Hmmm thank you Dotty, I see what you mean, thank you for showing me :-)"

5 Jan, 2020


I'm beginning to think I might abandon the idea and buy a genuine multi stemmed one :-)

5 Jan, 2020


Here I am again. have proper ones £59.99 (150-200cm) Betula utilis jacquemontii 'Doorenbos' Multi Stem Tree and they say:

"These are true multi stem trees that lead to the best trees in maturity. We do not adhere to putting 3 saplings in a pot to cheaply imitate them."

Maybe we should treat ourselves Dotty :-)

5 Jan, 2020


That’s a very good price Dawn! We paid £70.00 for what we thought was a true multi stemmed tree in 2012.
As you know we have a tulip tree, well if it doesn’t flower this year it is going to be removed and replaced with a true multi stemmed Prunus serrula.
Go for it Dawn……………… Dorrenbos is a beautiful tree………

5 Jan, 2020


Now I fancy a prunus serrula multi stem too, I have a single stem tree, I wish it would grow as fast as normal prunus. Our tulip tree flowered ten years after planting and has continued to flower each year since.
So we’ve learnt buying a genuine multi stem is the way to go, ive read coppicing a young tree yourself to create the effect isn’t guaranteed to work.

6 Jan, 2020


As we were saying elsewhere Dawn......once you reach a certain age, it's worth investing a bit more to get the effect you want. :)

6 Jan, 2020


Dawn have a look at Primrose for Prunus Serrula, they have some reduced …………I don’t know about their quality, have purchased items from them in the past! but, not trees!
Our Tulip tree is bound to flower now it’s been given an ultimatum!

6 Jan, 2020


I will Dotty thanks, sounds good.
Coincidence Dotty should mention Primrose Karen :)

6 Jan, 2020


Yeah....I just bought an Acer griseum from there Angela!

6 Jan, 2020


Well there you go....... great minds and all that!

7 Jan, 2020

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