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My Name is Jackie Townsend. I live in the S/E of England not to far from London, a place called Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. My Back Garden is approx 60ftx60ft, Front Garden is big and set to a large driveway and garden infront of the windows and front door, I will have to measure it one day lol, I'm the one who tries to maintain the garden, I'm finding a bit hard going now as there is sometimes heavy lifting involved because of my revamps. My Husband give's me a hand with anything I can't manage, like cutting the odd tree down & getting the roots up
I'm into Photography (still learning) One of my camera's is a Nikon D7100 which I love but I'm still trying to work some of the bit's & pieces out on it Duh! I'm a bit slow on taking thing's in. I have been useing my Finepix S9600 to put pic's on here. I love posting now to friends in Canada & France.
All for now. Jackie x
(Born Jan 12th 1949)
Update..... We now have a "Shih tzu" Named "Pebbles" She was born on the 10th Jan 2010 Ha! Have my work cut out for me now, early mornings, late nights, wee's & poo to clean up LOL
Update again, Pebbles is now coming up for 13years, she's a clean girl, always lets us know when she needs to go out in the garden, still have the occasional night when she needs to go out LOL
Gardening Forever, Housework Whenever :O))))

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