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By Lori


it’s January 30, 2023 already! my last blog was Jan.21, 2022 and my how things have changed. Last summer was the worst for storms and bad weather. huge trees down all over the property and I’m beginning to feel my age.Not many pictures to post of the last summer either… my aging computer is running slow with the weight of my thousands of pics… storage is a real problem now.. Resi — like you I’ve made a real swing toward being more compliant with the nature all around me. Haven’t used a lawn mower in two years… My ground is too wild and rodent-ridden to mow with a walk-behind mower so I level things out with my weedeater. The deer, whose migratory trails were cut off because of the downed trees started taking a short cut to the neighbour’s feeders up the north hill, and came down through my valley garden. They discovered and devoured most of my hosta collection which had become so well established. Later found that the neighbour had ceased feeding them, and they had turned to my garden for sustenance… they’ve pruned a new pear tree down to the whip… I think it’s a goner! every autumn I’m in mourning after hunting season… and this year it seemed that the deer had discovered my sanctuary… I’ve only seen one yearling though. ( I have a real dislike for “sportsmen” who kill them for trophys.) have pics on here of a yearling buck with his first rack of horns… Only to see the rack nailed up on the woodshed of a neighbour. (( Sometimes I love where I live and sometimes I don’t!!!!!)) They live on the edge of the “runway” and they practice “back door” hunting… shine a light across the runway in the dark of night and watch for their prey from the comfort of their kitchen window… then step out the back door and take their pick of the huddled herd. not my idea of “sport” either. end of rant.

the above of pics of previous years…

The last few years have been surreal… deterioration of the garden plan for lack of determination… loss of family members, (seems we’re all of an age: baby boomers!) Changes in the plants and animals who share our space. All part of this life… we try to pass our ‘experience’ along to the next generation who are too busy to listen to our ramblings… and finally we realize that those lessons are there waiting for them and we should get along with appreciating and applying the lessons that we are given. I’ve learned that gardening (as I am presently not doing it) is a continuous learning experience that you watch as you’d watch a favourite programme… with dedication but always a sense of the absurd. so here are a few more pics of my little heaven.. and a wish for all of us… Happy Gardening in ’23! (How time flies!)

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Thank you Julia! Xx

30 Jan, 2023


Happy New Year, Lori! So nice to 'see' you in the forum again.
Wishing you good health and happy gardening in the year ahead.
I do like your hydrangea, it's a beauty.
Have to say, I agree, the thought of any animal hunts!!! Horrific! The poor things. I loathe fox hunting, hare coursing, dog fighting, every type of animal related hunting or fighting for money.
It's terribly sad.
Keep safe and well, hope to see more of you, when you get any time!
Best wishes x

30 Jan, 2023


You seem to be living in a lovely area. Thanks for keeping us up to date.A pity about all the hunting. I agree with Kate about this, They all want to live, as we do, don’t they. How can there be pleasure in killing. Do they eat the deer?
Deer numbers have to be controlled in some parts of the Uk, to sustain bio-Diversity.

30 Jan, 2023


Lori knowing the size of your garden and property I'm not surprised you no longer try mowing the lawn, still sounds a great place to live, we cannot beat Mother Nature so its best to work with her, we can only tame parts of what we have, sometimes she throws spanners in the works just to show us who is actually in control...
I'm not in gardening mode yet either, only the planning stage, don't like gardening now when I have to be muffled up in jackets, scarves and thick gloves another thing that came with old age, if I lived where you do I'd be in hibernation..
Lovely to see a blog from you Lori, take care now..x

31 Jan, 2023


Hello again everyone! thanks for reading my rambling... I plan to be a little more present this year... some major plans in the works. not saying anymore as more often than not my "big plans" come to nought.. It's Feb. and we're on the home stretch to spring... today (Valentines' Day) our temps are 9 degrees above zero! wow...heatwave. and the warming trend is to continue for the rest of the week... then back down into the serious negatories! getting used to "roulette" weather.. just hope for a better spring than last. Yes, Feverfew, a few of the folks here actually do feed their family by hunting in the autumn. I have no trouble with it... it's the folks who try to make it "sport"... it's not sport in my opinion just killing for the "joy" of it! horrible.

14 Feb, 2023

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