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  • Gardening with friends since
    28 Mar, 2012

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    Retired have 5 grandkids who love the Den grandpa built for them, have an easy to manage garden which looks ok all year round, loving walking...

  • Gardening with friends since
    27 Sep, 2008

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    Grandmother to several grandchildren, I live by the sea with my OH...both very keen and some would say obsessive gardeners, certainly plantoholics!

  • Gardening with friends since
    30 Apr, 2015

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    My real name is Verlie (rhymes with Early) and I am a self taught gardener. At one time I knew most of the Latin names of the plants in my...

  • Gardening with friends since
    25 Jun, 2009

    169 photos
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    Hi Just thought it was about time I updated my profile as I haven't been on very much lately. Well we did move into a very nice bungalow...

  • Gardening with friends since
    5 May, 2010

    1059 photos
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    121 blog entries

    Lived in West Sussex most of my life, married with 2 grown up children, 1 of each. Have a cat named Megan.

    Love gardening, favourite flower...

  • Gardening with friends since
    26 Feb, 2008

    2310 photos
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    88 blog entries

    I've been on GoY since Feb. 2008. We lived in a small city on the St. Lawrence River until December of 2010 when we moved to Madawaska...

  • Gardening with friends since
    6 May, 2010

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    hi im gary from warrington im a bit of a newboy but am having some good success with my garden any tips woud be welcomed

  • Gardening with friends since
    3 Jul, 2016

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    My name is Rose, but I am far from a rose, my favourite flower has to be carnations. I have a small garden 30x20ft, which I have taken more...

  • Gardening with friends since
    7 Apr, 2011

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    I'm Hank, I'm long retired and live near Stockport in Cheshire with my son. I never touched the garden until 4 years ago as my...

  • Gardening with friends since
    29 Jan, 2011

    2019 photos
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    I am retired from Physiotherapy living with my husband.Have two grown up sons and two granddaughters.Have gardened all my adult life.Now have...