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  • Gardening with friends since
    21 Apr, 2010

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    Hello, My name is julien, and i have many interests and many more i would like to get into but at the moment time is so precious so i can only...

  • Gardening with friends since
    12 Feb, 2018

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    Previously known as Amy living in Norfolk . Now Amy2
    we moved to Suffolk on the 18th January 2018 not only to downsize but also to live nearer...

  • Gardening with friends since
    19 Feb, 2020

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    Book Writing Hub, we bring your idea to life in the form of a diligently written and published book. We have a team of seasoned ghostwriters...

  • bjs

    Gardening with friends since
    13 Apr, 2009

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    I live on the NE border of Bristol UK.
    my soil is slightly acid and clay,I have lived here a long time and have mature trees and shrubs...

  • Gardening with friends since
    31 Oct, 2008

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    Hi everyone.This is my first visit to this site,but I have been reading all the comments with interest.I am a Yorkshire "lass",but...

  • Gardening with friends since
    13 Sep, 2019

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    I have been a keen gardener for a lot of years thanks to my wife Kim, I work away at sea but have more or less gone semi retired due to my wife's...

  • Gardening with friends since
    12 Feb, 2009

    1971 photos
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    Botany, especially of our British natives and gardening is a passion. Graduated in Botany and Zoology back in the late 70's and got my first...

  • Gardening with friends since
    14 Jul, 2012

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    Hi! I've been living here in my small bungalow for almost 8years.The garden is 14yds by 7 yards. It's looking nice & full now...

  • pcw

    Gardening with friends since
    7 Mar, 2011

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  • Gardening with friends since
    11 Sep, 2013

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    Hi everyone! Karen here..starting a new garden with a new account. My old account was karensusan63.

    This garden is in a very windy exposed...