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Hi, We have a house with a small garden on a large housing estate just to the East side of Reading, the estate was built in the mid sixties on what was part of the garden and woodland attached to a very large mansion house owned by a wealthy family in the 1700/ 1800s, there used two be two lakes but one was filled in during the 1950s and now there is about 100 + houses where that lake once was.
Being ex woodland we are blessed with English bluebells and wild primroses by the dozen which is pleasant to look at, and good because the soil around here is mainly clay based so growing cultivated plants can be difficult (yes we have tried digging in compost ect.) but as clay can be difficult to drain we decided to use large pots and tubs for all the flowers we grow as opposed to losing them in the bad soil, which has been successful so far, its also easier to keep the slugs and snails away with a sprinkle of salt around the base of each one which does the trick.

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