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I live in France and a friend told me about your site. Very interesting.
Have been here 10 years and love it. very relaxing I live in a small village. and ideas would be wonderful I am retired and like to garden. but find it hard as I have 1/2 acre of land . which we have have transformed into part of a garden, I suppose it is really a field. 3 apple trees, grass, bushes, a plot for veg and includes a garden. I use a sit on mower as it is tooooooooooooo much to mow with a conventional one. Except at the moment the mower is with the repair guy, not a lot wrong, but the French have a thing over here done when its done !!!! He is a great guy, but had the mower for 2 weeks, now and my grass is growing so fast it will be a mammoth task to mow and return to a nice area. You cannot rush the French. not too much of a problem but only for me keeping my fingers crossed it will be returned next week, can always live in hope.
That's it. I will enjoy looking thu your designs. many thanks.

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