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Raised and not so raised beds


By arwel


After reading an article on raised beds I decided to build a few myself. The article suggested a raised bed made from untreated wood would be both effective and easy to make. Sadly, I had no timber or a power drill so a different material would be needed – I soon settled on paving slabs.

Using the slabs that made up my primitive garden path, I spent a few hours sticking them in the ground in a wonky rectangle shape. They seem to stay up pretty well, but I may have to stake them once the bed is filled with compost. Of course filling a bed of this size won’t be easy! I’m going to empty the compost bin into it, have a large fire in it to hopefully add some ash, and, if push comes to shove, buy some bags of compost or topsoil.

This is the first bed I made out of some recycled bricks. It’s not really a raised bed as was originally intended, but the bricks do mark the bed and the option remains to build it up a bit by adding another layer of bricks. The midget broad beans are doing well although you’ll notice that the pak choi next to them have gone to seed!! Never mind though, as I’m going to save the seed and maybe even try and grow some of it this year…we’ll see.

These beds run along the border of the garden and are also made of recycled bricks. In the first there’s quite a selection of plants including courgettes, cabbage, a honesuckle, a bush type thing and even a cheeky little basil that has been stunted by the wonderful Welsh summer! In the second are loads of mad flowers that attract loads of bumblebees.

The raised wooden bed was bought from a garden centre. Although I wanted to use only recycled, reclaimed and borrowed materials in the garden, my mum does love to shop and she came home with this cheeky little bed one day, proud as punch to have only paid a few quid for it! It’s none other than the old leek/pea/corn combo!!

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Well the slabs have proved useful. Yes, you will have to bang pegs in front of them to keep them in place when its filled with compost. You'd better get rid of that couch grass though, or it will take over in the bed.
Hope you get some good crops arwel.

30 Jul, 2010


hi Arwel,keep up the good work, it is hard starting a garden from scratch and you never know you may end up enjoying it...

30 Jul, 2010


Lovely beds made using materials from around the garden. the crops are looking good, too.

1 Aug, 2010

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