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chop chop!


This afternoon, once the rain had cleared…
Me: I’m just going over to the garden to cut some things down
T (age 5): I want to come and watch you!
A: (age 2): My coming!
Daddy: Ok, we’ll all go then shall we
I get pruning saw out and attack rampant elderflower.
A: My have that!
Me: No chance A, it’s Very Very Sharp
Daddy: A, why don’t you come and fill the watering can
T: I’m going first!
A: No MY going first!!
T: Aaaargh! Mummmmeeee!
Daddy: Come on both of you
T: Actually I want to help you Mummy
Me: OK you can put these bits of elderflower in the garden waste bag
[T puts gardening gloves on and very diligently puts bits of stuff into bag. I attack rampant hawthorn in the Spiky Corner]
T: Mummy can you chop these ones up a bit more please
Me: OW! Aaargh! I’m a bit busy T
T: [Bottom lip wobbles] But look they’re too big to go in the bag
[I extricate myself from the grip of the hawthorn and cut up the bits of elderflower]
Daddy: I’m going to put the tea on now, are you OK?
Me: [gaily] Yes I’m fine!
Daddy leaves.
A: Hallo mummy! [trots up to pile of very spiky hawthorn cuttings]
Me: STAY BACK, A, those are Very Spiky
A: Siky! Siky! My have it!
Me: [extricating myself swiftly, leaving several clumps of hair behind] Come on darling, let’s go and water the mint…

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Oh,isn't gardening fun,when you have one eye on the dangerous stuff and one eye on the children? not a lot of difference really. Lol.Hope you don't have to have a hair transplant,,.I know the feeling ,with spiky plants...and Daddy made you all a nice Tea :o))

6 Jun, 2010


Sorry - I had to laugh! Lovely blog. I enjoyed it! :-))

6 Jun, 2010


that takes me back and not that far back either; had to smile.

6 Jun, 2010


at least they help you,wait til they are 15 and stay in the room all day looking at you like an alien,and help in the garden no way,oh for the days of cuddles and kisses for mum,nice blog made me smile

7 Jun, 2010


thanks all :-)

7 Jun, 2010

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