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I'm Andy 42 electrician developer, recently single again , moved back to home village after jobs around the country. So enjoying having a garden after numerous terrace yards and window boxes. so now a nice semi on the edge of countryside.

Lived here 3 years now , got a bargain as it was beginning of recession...but then there was a lot of work to do , house now totally renovated, that's new c.heating re plastered every room, converted to kitchen diner and conservatory (great for propagating seeds)

So enough of house back to the garden done loads as i needed to re-contour a slopping site, terraced veg beds etc, was owned by elderly lady so very low maintenance shrubs and paving...sure to some peoples liking... but i like grass, water and flower borders, climing clemitis and roses. plus wanted a veg garden, 4 bed crop rotation raised beds.

so almost there now just some rendering to finish and pond and garden lights to finish (always the case electrician dont wanna do any electrics on own house), veg garden run for 3rd year now and it supplies 50-60% of veg needs, all my potatoes, and too much salad and tomatoes have to give away half ...just wish the chillies & peppers would grow more...try pots this year so i can bring into conservatory over winter

anyway anyone wants to drop me a line or volunteer some seeds love to hear from you. I am in desperate need of a mallow as mine died in the winter freeze

well serious amount of planting of flowers after the landscaping and getting adventurous trying some birds of paradise this year see how it goes... love to hear any tips on that


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