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Today I did.....................



What a job that turned out to be.

Took a gamble on the weather and booked a days holiday for today to start trying to get my new garden ready for winter.

As all my plants are in containers I was advised to mulch them. Well 180Ltrs of Mr J Arthur Bowers finest shredded wood bark and 5 hours later job done.

I have also moved all my Heucheras, Hostas and some other bits into a sheltered area in a south facing corner to give them some protection, still got loads more jobs to do, bloomin hard work this gardening.

I am already starting to worry about the winter, my No1 son says I will be out brushing the snow off my plants.

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that is the problem once we start cossetting our plants. Where do we draw the line. and brushing snow off is important for shrubs etc so the branches dont break.

I wish I could have booked some days off but having worked through todays squalley showers I am glad i was in a warm lab.

7 Oct, 2011


Job well done Chris. I am sure your plants are well insulated for the winter.
And my sincere congratulations for booking a day's holiday and not taking a day's sick leave.
I say this, because during my working day's I saw it happening thousands of time.

7 Oct, 2011


Sounds like you've had a busy days 'holiday' Chris. You don't fancy coming and doing mine for me do you? lol

7 Oct, 2011


How do I put this nicely Sheilar.............. NO WAY lol

What a rubbish job that is, do I have to do it every year? and I don't really like the look of it.

Costas, again no way. I work as part of a small tight knit team, non of us would throw a sicky as it is not fair on the other lads.
Plus it is not in my nature, having spent 15 years in the RAF you learn about teamwork and loyalty.

Seaburngirl, nothing is too much for my beloved Heuchera's. lol.

7 Oct, 2011


Spoilsport!!!! lol

7 Oct, 2011


Its not cold enough yet, but mulching with bark chippings saves watering in next year's hot weather.
I am going to move all my containers into the greenhouse and cover them with 2 layers of fleece when temperatures go down below zero.

8 Oct, 2011


Well done Chris, tell your son its his job to keep the plants clear....

8 Oct, 2011


I would not let him near any plants Sue, front path and steps are his area when it snows.

8 Oct, 2011


Lol, I don`t allow interference with my plants either, woe betide anyone who does...

10 Oct, 2011

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