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By conx


I garden for the simple pleasure of enjoying my plants.
When life gets a little erratic as it does some of the time otherwise it wouldn’t be a life, I sit in my garden and enjoy the moment….

I wouldn’t say I was a good gardener but I do like to potter and I can weed for Britain!!! I have my wobbly garden shed and pine for a small greenhouse but all my tools are in the shed and not the garage(hubbies domain) and so I always have my trusty garden fork to hand.

The knees are getting a little rusty so my garden mat is also secure in the shed. Mind you I might have a mouse in the shed as the gardening gloves appear to be a bit more than slightly nibbled. I will have to let the cat, Gypsy explore, although it will be a purely supervised exercise as last time he was in the garden shed he got locked in for the night!

My favourite plants are roses for their beauty and hopefully heaven sent scents. I have purchased five new roses this year as I have cleared the garden of those pesky weeds and more than a few older plants and I am looking forward to an aroma filled garden this year.

I do have other favourite plants but that’s for another blog. No more time for blogging, it is a beautiful day on Anglesey and my garden is calling…..

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sounds lovely.....

you can come weed mine if you like i still have plenty of weeds to be rid of.

30 Apr, 2011


Wales is so beautiful...
A garden is a wonderful place if it is peaceful...
... not so easy if you have neighbours causing problems ...

30 Apr, 2011


Oh you are so right Terra. My neighbours are lovely but they have recently put up a basketball net at the end of their, and adjacent to my, garden. Two teenage boys plus their friends bouncing a ball for two hours is not a peaceful experience. Hey ho.

30 Apr, 2011


Sorry to read your peace has been ruined, Ginellie ...

... but only about 2 hours a day..

... some neighbours are abusive, and create nuisance noise which continues all day every day... 366 days a year ...

30 Apr, 2011


my youngest used to play basketball ~ and drums!!! the only neighbours that complained were 7 doors up!!

bet its lovely on anglesey right now conx [welcome to GoY] and now you have royal neighbours i understand!!

does anyone want an OH that is offering to help weed but doesnt know the difference between a weed and a plant ~ just stopped him pulling up a hellebore today!!!

30 Apr, 2011


It's not two hours a day, it's two hours at a time - they have a little snack break between games! However they are certainly not abusive or unpleasant and I would rather hear kids enjoying themselves than someone else's music at full volume.

30 Apr, 2011


Welcome to Goy Conx! Good you're having nice weather, fly away out to the garden while the sun's shining!! ;0)

30 Apr, 2011


Welcome from me too :)

1 May, 2011


Thank you all for your loveley welcomes. Sorry you have a bit of noise pollution Ginellie. Anglesey is beautiful and the sunset I have just seen - magnificent! The royal neighbours are well guarded and hidden away somewhere in the middle of Anglesey so I really don't think we will be chatting over the garden fence any time soon!

Looking forward to using this site - everyone seems very friendly and garden mad!


1 May, 2011


Garden mad indeed Conx. Do send us a picture of one of your fabulous sunsets.

1 May, 2011


ooh yes please to that ginellie. would you recommend anglesey for a holiday conx? i have never been. im not royal chasing ~ im looking for somewhere quiet with good views and beaches.

1 May, 2011

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