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Hello ... I joined Grows on You back in 2008 ...
and I've made some wonderful friends here.

I am a volunteer editor for many GoYpedia pages.

The types of garden I prefer are peaceful, with plenty of green around ... especially perennials, climbers, rockeries and spring blossom.

You're very welcome to browse through my GoY photos and blogs.

Over the years I've owned some lovely dogs, and they have always enjoyed helping me with my gardening.

My pet budgerigar is great company when I'm looking at GoY on my computer.

On my avatar photo, my dog pushing the toy wheelbarrow is my beloved Welsh Terrier called "Bonsai", who died age 13 years, in 2008. He had a super temperament .. very friendly and clever. It is comforting that he still follows me with his barrow, everywhere I visit on GoY.

Latest photos

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