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The garden is looking very depressing in my opinion at the minute and I need some ideas of small evergreen plants for winter colour and things with non poisonous berries.. the net is on the pond, the Acers are all losing their leaves or turning colour and lots of bulbs are coming up! I succumbed and bought a few winter bedding plants (cyclamens and primulas mainly as they come back everyday) and a few violas.

Here’s how it is looking!

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Oh I love cyclamen, and primulas. They look good where you have placed them. Don't agree that your garden looks depressing : on the contrary.

18 Oct, 2017


Its not your garden depressing Dan it looks great its the weather lack of light makes any thing look depressing. There are lots of slow growing evergreen plants if you google I like
Heucherella 'Golden Zebra'

18 Oct, 2017


Cheers both of you. Will have look on google! Not too sure what I want to be honest plant wise aha! Just something njce!

18 Oct, 2017


I like primroses for this time of year - they just go on and on whenever there's a mild spell. Your cyclamen look good. I'm hoping those I planted last year will turn up trumps - only seen one clump so far.

18 Oct, 2017


Some of my returning cyclamen are being very slow on their return so I’ve been watering withmirqcle gro solution to force them on a little bit!

18 Oct, 2017


Try googling dwarf ever greens Dan there are some lovely ones.

18 Oct, 2017


It looks pretty good to me, Dan.

18 Oct, 2017


It doesn’t look depressing to me, Dan! Cyclamen are great. My grandmother, in the 70s, planted some cyclamen hederifolium for me which return every year, but I have to admit that many of those I have bought in pots and planted out have disappeared, not sure why. They are very lovely though and I love the leaves.

18 Oct, 2017


I do love the cyclamen! Mine have so far mainly all came back!

19 Oct, 2017


I don't think its depressing either Dan, hope you find something that appeals to you, I think we all go through that stage though, you just have to look beyond the ones that are ending and look forwards to what is now coming into its own....

19 Oct, 2017


You’re right there! I think it’s because of the gardens size so it makes it worse because you see it all at once

20 Oct, 2017


I was thinking the garden was looking very good Dan. Look at hesperanthus as they are in flower now and look a little like gladioli. they also tolerate a bit of shade too.
the bedding cyclamen don't survive very cold weather. you need to make sure you buy the fully hardy ones. C hederifolium and for spring C coum.
I like skimmia as an evergreen as the flower buds are pretty through the winter too. if you want berries you need a female form or a self fertile one. many are all male so again check. for shady spots I like the variegated ajuga and the small pink/white flowered lamiums.

22 Oct, 2017


I’ll look into them! Thankyou!!!

23 Oct, 2017


Nandina domestica is an evergreen shrub for a sheltered spot, evergreen ferns, and abelia is evergreen, choisya Aztec Pearl and leucothoe (some of these can grow medium sized) but as the others have said still looking good :-))

6 Nov, 2017


Cheers daylily! I did almost buy a nandina the other day and still probably will! I absolutely love the colour!

8 Nov, 2017

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