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Science kicks in!


By fuzexi


Actually I’m not a scientist, I’m sort of too artistic to be one. But also too scientific to be an artist. So I get to hand around looking foolish with both crowds.
Today looking at some comments on my blog got me to look up “Forget me not” on Wikipedia. And it said
“…5-lobed blue, pink or white flowers with yellow centers, growing on scorpioid cymes….” Hmmm, scorpioid cymes… and scorpiod cymes had a link, so I clicked it, and found myself on a fascinating page called “”
I must say that I have never seen plants analysed in such a methodical manner – really fascinating!

Apart from that the only gardening I have had time for today is to walk past where the tomato plant is, and think, “I must put a stake in there and clear away all that lemon balm..”

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botany is really all about shape and form and apart from the long words, that tend to scare people off, it is fascinating.

5 Jul, 2012


Ah yes ... scorpioid cymes ... reminds me of my A level Botany days in school (so long ago it might as well have been a different life)
I too am artistic, and when I did my A level botany I was more interested in drawing the plants than learning anything scientific about them lol :o)

5 Jul, 2012


Thanks for your comments, apologies I have been away for a while. I'm really fascinated by botany. I wish I had known that when I applied to uni! When I watch some programme about a far-away place on TV, I always find myself thinking something like, "I wish that presenter would stand to one side: I'm trying to look at that tree!"

22 Jul, 2012

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