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Silk between figs


By fuzexi


Hello, hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

I have a fig tree which is giving me some really nice fruit, huge figs, but a lot of the figs have this nightmarish silk thing going on, which I hardly dare to even think about (I have arachnophobia)
I wonder if anyone could tell me what it is?

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Hard to see clearly, but could it be some kind of woolly aphid?

Or maybe red spiders if hot & dry?

11 Aug, 2020


going by the size it is either a spiders web with egg sac or a caterpillar hiding in the silk. there appears to be some damage on the leaf [12 o'clock position photo 1] which looks typical of caterpillar.
the only way to find out is to pull it out. if you are very squeamish use a paint brush so you don't damage the fruits. [or come into direct contact with it].

11 Aug, 2020


I think it’s spiders. There are loads of little dots in the web, which looks like baby spiders. But there are loads of these little nests, which made me think maybe it’s a kind of pest. But I couldn’t find any pics on a google search. I’ll try with a paintbrush. They do seem to affect the fruit though: loads of the affected fruit just go brown and die off.
Thanks for your replies!

12 Aug, 2020

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