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globe thistle

Genus: Echinops.

Species: Echinops ritro.

I grew them from seed this year (08) - I bought them from the <>

Bees and bumble bees like the flowers
but finches like the seeds, so I don't remove the dead flowers heads for them to enjoy.

it is a robust perennial, with divided, prickly dark green leaves whiter underneath, and round, violet-blue flowerheads on silver-grey, branched, leafy stems.

Skill Level: Beginner

Flowers: July to August/September

Ideal for : Borders, Cottage Gardens, Cut Flowers

thrives best in full sun but will tolerate partial shade

Hardiness: Hardy (H4)

Soil type: any well-drained soil

Aspect: South, East, West
(but I put some in the north side bed because that is the most sunny place in my back garden)

Exposure: Exposed or Sheltered

120cm (but mine was only about 80cm high)

Spread: 45cm

Space: 60cm

Time to plant seeds: early April to early June

Where & How to plant the seeds:
in a open ground or cold frame (I used the cold frame way)

Growing instructions:
thin the seedling as they grew 5cm apart

Time to plant out:
September and October for flowering the following year

Time to divide plants: Autumn or Spring

Plant with:
Japanese anemone, Chives (Allium schoenoprasum)

wear gloves when handling the stems and leaves - some people develop a rash when pricked by the spines.

Photos of this plant

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