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Devil's Ivy

Species: Epipremnum Aureum.



Native to Southeast Asia... this is a vining plant widely used in hanging baskets or trained on stakes... It takes neglect well, low light, poor watering etc

Moisture - allow soil to dry to 2 inches below the surface between waterings...

LIGHT - bright filtered light if possible but it will be just fine in lower light but it may loose it's variegation

TEMPERATURE - average temps

FERTILIZE - 3 times during the summer with a 10-10-10 solution if you want growth otherwise no need to fertilize

PESTS - keep an eye out mealybugs, scales but usually it doesn't have any problems

REPOTTING - only repot when the roots fill the pot... by moving into a larger pot each spring you will encourage growth

PROPAGATION - roots very easily from stem cuttings or layering... cuttings will root in water or soil

TIPS - give it a winter rest by reducing watering and lower temp to around 60 degrees F

prune stems just above a node to reduce the plant's size

start new plants often to have a fresh plant

to shine the leaves dust with cotton pad soaked in milk or use banana skin that nourishes it as well

this plant is toxic... Causes diarrhea upon ingestion. Also causes dermatitis when touched. Causes burning sensation in mouth when eaten

Photos of this plant

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