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Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant or Windowleaf

Genus: Monstera.

Species: Monstera friedrichsthalii.

It's in the bedroom.

Jan 2009 - finally I made the moss stick and I repotted it but but I don't know if it still alive.
Originally from the rain forests of Central and South America, where they climb up trees to reach higher light levels, consequently sturdy support is essential as stems can reach a height of 20' or more. They are easy to grow and with proper care, leaves of up to 45cm (18") across can be achieved!

Site: Bright indirect light to bright shade.

Temp: Average warmth..

Water: Water well in the growing season. Let the compost dry out slightly between watering. Mist frequently.

Feeding: A liquid feed every month or so over the growing season.

Tip: If water drips from the leaves then it has been over watered, let the compost dry and water less.

Photos of this plant