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Anthurium (flamingo flowers)

Genus: Anthurium.

Species: Anthurium.

Jan 2009 - We just bought for our home this tropical plant with glossy heart-shaped leaves and pink/red exotic heart shaped flowers, they symbolise passion and hospitality.
The most characteristic feature of the anthurium is a single oval waxy bract or spathe with a spadix or 'tail' that rises out of it. This spathe contains both male and female parts, making the anthurium somewhat unique in that it is a hermaphrodite.

Anthurium - (Oilcloth flower?)

Origin: Central and Tropical South America

Family: Araceae (arum)

Anthuriums grow predominantly in wet forest conditions - well shaded. Its needs well-draining but rich potting compost. Enjoys warmth and humidity - Just like home.

Because they originate in the tropics they need warm and humid conditions so if you can provide high humidity Anthuriums will reward you with a fantastic display of incredibly bright almost fake looking flowers.

The flowering can go on all year.

-A Bright spot with a bit of direct sun over the months.
-Shade or gloom.

-Average but keep away from cold draughts and temperature variations.
-Strong indirect light and a constant temperature of around 18 -21°C/64 -70°F is ideal.
In winter temperature should not go below 15°C/60°F.

-Well watered in the growing season, the compost can be kept moist. For best results keep in a pebble tray and mist as often as possible
-Water 2-3 times a week in spring and summer.

A liquid feed every two weeks over the growing season.

-The cut will last for weeks

-Cut back straggly leaf-stems.

Watch for red spider, mealy bug, scale pest.

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