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Ipomoea - Morning Glory

Genus: Ipomoea.

Species: Ipomoea "Heavenly Blue".

On Thursday 9 Apr 09 I put them in trays and covered them - I forgotten to soak the seed but they surprised me on Sunday they were already coming out.

Ipomoea is a lovely climber.

The wiry stems twine around upright support like trellis and pergolas.

The foliage is not plentiful to make an effective screening.

The flowers last for merely a day but they are born in quick succession from July to September.

Height: about 3m

Spacing: 40/50 cm


Any well-drained garden soil will do, but the site choose must be sunny and sheltered.


from March to early May

HHA tecknique - cold frame or directily outside if warm enough.

Soak the seeds for 24 hr before sowing into individual pots.

Photos of this plant