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Species: Dauncus carota.

April 2010 I have planted some carrots in a pot and some more in the ground,

- I bought them from Shannon's - the lable says:
Carrot baby round.
Uniform round carrot with smooth skin and sweet flavour.

Harvest: Summer to Autumn

How to grow:
Plant in free draining soils and keep watered until estabilished.
For Autumn planted provide frost protection.

The mineral contents in carrots lie very close to the skin.
Hence they should not be peeled or scraped off.

The carrot root is the main edible part and can be eaten raw, drunk as a juice, used in every conceivable salad, cooked as a vegetable, made into jam, marmalade, syrup & sweet dishes.

Carrot GREENS can be eaten and are high in vitamin K, which is lacking in the carrot itself.

Carrots help to maintain acidic & alkaline properties in the system it is an invigorating & energizing tonic for eyes, skin, bones, heart & muscles of the body.
Carrot is blood purifier, diuretic, carminative, digestive, anti flatulent, anti pyretic and vermifuge.

Dried roasted carrot ROOTS can be ground into a powder and used as COFFEE substitute.

The aromatic SEEDS can be used as a flavouring in stews etc.


Allium - repels slugs and carrot flies

???? Beans - fix nitrogen ( keep beans away from alliums)

Borage - adds trace minerals to the soil and may increase resistance to pests and disease

Chamomile - accumulates calcium, potassium and sulfur, later retunnim them to the soil; is con sidered a tonic for anything you grow in the garden

Chives - improve grouth and flavour

Chives - improves their growth and flavour, may drive away carrot rust flies

Elerberry -carrot root flies


Garlic - accumulate sulfur that is a natural fungicide
which will help with disease prevention, it is taken up by the plant through their pores. Deterres snail and carrot flies

Leaf Lettuce

Leeks - will improve their growt; repells carrot fly. (Avoid planting near legumes.


Marjoram - it improves it's flavour

Marigolds - ( I will put more info

Onions - confuse carrots fliy ( keep onions away from peas and asparagus

Oregano - provide general pests protection

Parsley - ( keep away from mint, they are enemies

??? Peas - fix nitrogen ( keep away from onions

Radish - ( keep it away from hyssop,cabbage,cauliflower,brussel sprouts and turnips.

Rose - ( no potatoes

Rosermary - confuse carrots flies ; plant it nearby and plus put cuttings by their crowns ( no potatoes

Sage - deter carrot fly ( don't plant near cucumbers, onion and rues





Tomatoes - can stunt ther growth


Maybe next year I will try mixing RADISH seeds with the carrot seeds.
They say that the carrot seeds are slow to germinate, and the radishes, which germinate and grow very quickly, will mark the row until the carrots come up.

The pH value should 6.5 to 7.5 for best results.

Potassium promotes solid, sweet carrots.
WOOD ASHES contain soluble potassium which reaches the plant quickly.

? Excess NITROGEN causes branching and hairy, fibrous roots.

CARROT FLY are attracted by their scent so I have to do the thinning out the seddling in the evening when they are not around.
I have to make sure that I firm back down the ground with my hands to not allow they to lay their eggs.

Before HARVESTING I have to water the previous evening to avoid damaging the carrots.

Photos of this plant