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Rhododendron (dwarf)

Genus: Rhododendron.

Species: Rhododendron (scaerlet Wonder).

Free gift from J Parker (2010)

They say:
PLANT FOR MAY COLOUR – DWARF RHODODENDRON Many people are put off growing Rhododendrons due to their disliking of alkaline soil. This can be a real problem in many areas of the country for the large flowered Hybrid group. This problem in not an issue with dwarf types that can be grown in small raised beds and pots were soil type can be managed. Once the soil issue is overcome, you will be delighted by the spring eruption of flower clusters. Often overlooked is the attractive waxy evergreen foliage which makes a Rhododendron an all year round feature.

Compact scarlet flowers in profusion in May. Height 60cm. Spread 90m.

Evergreen Shrubs

Flowering Time (May-June)

Planting Growing Instructions:
Shallow plant in fertile, well drained and light/acidic soil in half-shade/full sun

Cultural Instructions:
Rhododendrons are very striking shrubs that add plenty of colour and character to the English garden.
Mulch annually with leaf mould to help protect roots and dead head as and when required to do so.
Little pruning required.
I put it with the Camelia
Excellent cut flower

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