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Todays harvest...


By Stan510

Todays harvest... (Mangifera indica (Mango))

The wife just couldn't wait. Me? I like to wait until they almost fall from the tree. She likes that semi ready thing.

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28 Sep, 2017

28 Sep, 2017


Lol Stan so your OH beat you to them great crop.

28 Sep, 2017


They look wonderful! You a Hayward mango grower now. lol! It should get better every year from now on.

1 Oct, 2017


Those little Tomato's are great. A ton more flavor then Market types. Chill,add salt..great snack.

10 Oct, 2017


A mango and tomato grower. :>)) You can't beat home-grown produce. It's the best!

10 Oct, 2017


Next year Andy,I plan on tucking in the veggies around..any place I can find. Zuchini is so easy..and I love Zuchini. But maybe grapes or Kiwi too. Live forever plants.

I saw a program on a greenhouse in Canada that grows Bellpeppers. Did you know they grow 8-10' tall? And there was like a 2 acre greenhouse with rows and rows of them. Thousands of Bellpeppers. 2' is best I did.

10 Oct, 2017


That's great! Many vegetables look good with companion plants.

Yes, I knew most peppers grew really large. Some peppers here grow to more than 12'. Most peppers are short-lived shrubs in the tropics.

13 Oct, 2017


You know of Brandt Maxwell in San Diego? He has a website called Tree's and shrubs of San Diego. He posted a photo of his Manila Mango that so many fruits- the top 3' snapped off. There had to be 30 green Mangoes on it..he said about 80 for the whole tree that was 12' tall.
He,Andy,did mention the flowering there this year was off in Mira Mesa where he lives.( He did say you have a nice spot- warmer inland and on a hillside that drains air.) That the mid summer bloom was different from the usual March-April.

13 Oct, 2017



I don't know of Brandt Maxwell. I'll have to check out his website.

That's amazing! I have seen 12 to 20 ft mango trees with hundreds of mangoes on the tree. I don't think it's really good for the tree, though. (I think mangoes should be thinned out to prevent alternate bearing years) It takes a lot of energy from the tree.

I have never noticed a difference from the early flowering from the late spring flowers. I usually see the trees around here, where I live, flower between late January and early March and then the second flowering around May-June.

16 Oct, 2017


I did a blog post on the Mango since 2014 Andy..I had to dig out some old photos on plant boards. The Resolution isnt great but you can get the gist of its growth.

17 Oct, 2017



I'll check it out.

19 Oct, 2017

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