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You cannot escape it


By goldie1


The World Cup I mean ! The telly is full of it, everyone is talking about it, the social forums are full of it……………GRRR
It still amazes me what people see in watching men running around a field chasing a ball. And others look at you as if you’ve committed a sin when you say your not interested in’ Footy’ at all.
Blimey I don’t even know how many men makes a team…………:0)

Now to top it all I just went shopping, where to my disgust instead of gentle music playing in the background, There was a discussion which was dissecting England’s performance yesterday………… Double GRRR
Still each to his own I suppose. But why does ‘his own’ have to encroach on me ? :0) :0)

Maybe I’m being just a little selfish ;o(

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I am with you can not stand the game. At least I can get outside or in the greenhouse when its on the telly. No football in my garden or green house .Lovely

13 Jun, 2010


On the contrary Goldie, having it rammed down your throat is selfish.
I think it has to be the only sport that does it. Really, the whole game has become one massive commercial enterprise.

13 Jun, 2010


I dont like football either, but at same time wish England all the best, as i'm proud to be English.

13 Jun, 2010


its boreing and i cannot be bothered,was woken this morning at 3am by next doors drunken rants about it,get a life

13 Jun, 2010


I agree with you!!! I was fed up with the WC befor it even started....and why is it necessary to talk about the Game before then during and then after??? It just bores me

13 Jun, 2010


Glad I'm not on my own in my dislike.........I was beginning to wonder if I was wrong and everyone else right in my assessment of the game :0)
Of course I will be pleased for the fans if England did win [I'm Welsh but value my Britishness} Clarice.

Exactly Silvisherr not content with just having the game the media rams it down our throats... as if there is no other news of importance, and we all know how things are with the world in general at the moment. I'm all for some light entertainment but this coverage is way and beyond acceptable.
And it all comes down to how profitable it is commercially.

Thank god we have our Gardens :0)

13 Jun, 2010


I too hate it and i become a footballing widow when anything like this is on, i want England to win of course but oh how many games are there its never off!!!!! Hubby gets so stressed out shouting at the telly and telling me who's doing what (as if i care) i usually disappear either upstairs to my craft room or outside if possible only another 4 weeks to go girls !!!

13 Jun, 2010


Well at least not having an OH, I don't have to turn the telly on, I do sympathise with all Footy Widows though...........
I also like Crafts Sewimngkilla, but I do switch around from one to another a lot.

13 Jun, 2010


I must be an odd one out then as I enjoy the footie, of course having four sons could be a reason.

13 Jun, 2010


Can't stand any sport - waste of time and boring :o(
Gardening is much better.

13 Jun, 2010


Goldie..i too swap and change doing scrapbooking at the moment but also do cards, crosstitch, knitting and sewing and of course gardening :o)

13 Jun, 2010


If my OH said 'get that goalie off' once he said it a thousand times yesterday ... in the end I went to bed!

And we don't even like the footie but for some reason we watch it when it's the World Cup ... when I say watch it I mean we have it on ... I'm not watching ... I'm on GoY!!! Far more interesting! :o)))

13 Jun, 2010


Ah now Rugby that's really a man's game ..............But I'm biased being Welsh :0) :0)

14 Jun, 2010


My OH has been a player/manager/coach/referee throughout our 32 years wed ... I rest my case ... the computer is in a different room to the TV so I put some music on and ignore the football. Try putting the radio on, plays, comedies, dramas, whatever you like will be on a station near you !

14 Jun, 2010

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