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Hi, I live in Falmouth, Cornwall, with my partner Ken, I've got two gorgeous grand children, Josh who is 4, and Bradley who is new born, he was actually born 17/10/2011, a premature baby, but we have to treat him like a new born, he's doing fantastically well.
I'm a huge fan of Elvis Presley, and I've made a really good friend due to Elvis.
I love my garden, it's allot smaller than the one I used to have, which is great for me, because of my serious back condition.
My partner bought me some carnations, and I've managed to get would be cuttings from them, and that's how I found this site.
My other hobbies are reading, I love Rebecca Shaw, and Josephine Cox, Kitty Neale, to name but a few, I also love doing cross stitch, I've just finished one of my dad and myself, and I'm now doing one of my partner and me,

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