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Open Gardens in Glasgow.


By grampar


The City of Glasgow, the name in Gaelic is “Glaschu” and means either Green Hollows or more popular the Dear Green Place. There are many parks in and around the City with the Botanic Gardens in the West End always worth a visit, Rouken Glen on the outskirts of the South Side of the city and in my own backyard Tollcross Park in the East End of the City where the Commonwealth Games are to be held. If by any chance you are planning to come to the games take some time out to visit Tollcross Park and see it’s award winning rose garden. Not for nothing is the City known as the Dear Green Place. Despite it’s somewhat colourful reputation the City has some of the best architecture in Britain and believe it or not, more trees than Paris as well as beautiful public parks and is only a stones throw from Loch Lomond. The National Trust for Scotland’s Springbank Garden on the southern outskirts of the City is a place of calm as well as beauty. There are also many Country Parks around Glasgow all of which have different kinds of gardens, some formal, some natural but all offer in their different ways a delight for the keen gardner. Don’t be put off by the comediac view of a violent “No Mean City”. As in all Cities there are areas where it would not be wise to visit but if you are a keen gardner Glasgow should be on your itinery, And no, I do not work for the Tourist Board or the City Council!

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Hi Grampar
I too live in Glasgow beside Pollok Country Park. It won Best Country Park in Europe a few years ago. I don't know
Tollcross Park. Is it near The People's Palace?

28 Jan, 2011


This all sounds very interesting . Looking forward to seeing some more photos of it . Welcome to GOY Grampar

28 Jan, 2011


Welcome to GoY Grampar

Everywhere has it's good and bad side and Glasgow is no exception. I've never been to Scotland and I will deffinately pay it a visit when I do.

Interesting to hear the origin of the name. In Welsh the word 'glas' can also be also used for green :o)

28 Jan, 2011


A trip down Memory Lane for me! I went to Glasgow University and Jordanhill...many moons ago...and some of those place names stirred forgotten moments...especially Rouken Glen! I too look forward to some photographs!

I have not been 'home' for a few years....a Hamiltonian!...but hope to re-visit some of those old haunts in the not too distant future, Grampar. :-))))

28 Jan, 2011


We don't get to Glasgow very often, I assume that the airport doesn't count, but agree that it has some lovely gardens. There are places that I feel uncomfortable but the most frightening for the visitor has to be the M8, surely!

28 Jan, 2011

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