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Pond troubles


By grandad


I’ve been busy cleaning my pond this past few days as i found 4 dead fish and 5 frogs floating on the top. I drained all the water out and found another 2 fish and 5 frogs lying at the bottom I had 21 fish in the pond last year now i’ve only 6 left, 6 dead, 9 missing?

I am busy filling the pond up now and have bought a new pump and UV filter as the light has broken on old one (can’t get replacement) I will still use the old pump/filter in the pond with new one and hope the water will stay clear as it has been quite murky lately.

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Sorry to hear about your pond troubles. My parents live in The States and my dad was puzzled about his missing fish from his backgarden pond until he discovered tiny little footprints at the scene of the crime. He eventually found a raccoon had been helping itself to a fish dinner!

13 Apr, 2010


Sorry about your pond,the missing fish can be birds too.

13 Apr, 2010


Sorry about your fish.

13 Apr, 2010


oh, that sounds very annoying and sad Grandad! Hope you manage to restock sucessfully. Birds of prey and Cats? or someone poured something nasty in there without thinking?

13 Apr, 2010


ON the other hand, if the water has been murky it could have been lack of oxygen that killed the fish, but that wouldn't explain the frogs would it? mmmmm....

13 Apr, 2010


Sorry to hear about your loss. It is puzzling when things like this happen.
I think you could do with Sherlock Holmes on the case. lol.

13 Apr, 2010


Its so frustrating, when you can't put things right, when you don't know whats wrong!!!! I don't know how large your pond is, but you say you had 21 fish
thats quite a lot, I would suggest checking the ph balance of the water, thats assuming you don't already you can buy small DIY kits this may be the problem, the more fish the more waste matter....Good Luck!

14 Apr, 2010


sorry about your fish and poor frogs to .

14 Apr, 2010

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