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Please do not visit the new member’s website loreta91 as it has sexualy explicit pictures on it.

Yesterday I reported to Dave about people becoming members and advertising pills etc on their “Website”, Dave got back to me to say he is investigating the matter.

The members to be wary of are usually a female’s name followed by a number and based in the USA.

I would advise GOY members not to open the links.

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Thank you for the warning :O)

14 Aug, 2014


Thanks very much, horrible isn't it all these scams......

14 Aug, 2014


Useful warning, thankyou.

14 Aug, 2014


Hi This is Dave from the GOY office. I have deleted 4 of these new members but I am not sure whether there are any more. It would be rather time consuming for me to check. If you come across any I would appreciate an email or PM to let me know who they are, so that I can delete them.


15 Aug, 2014


Another arrived on site this morning, have sent you a pm Dave thanks

15 Aug, 2014


How do you know.?
is it a blog.......

15 Aug, 2014


Hi Pam
The members name is usually a females name followed by a number. When you go on to their profile, they are usually based in the USA and below the state where they live, is the word website, when you click on to that thinking it will be gardening related blog like our usual GOY blogs, it takes you to a site selling pills, tablets or worse.
I think the best advice is not to open any links unless you know the person has asked gardening questions in the past or has other blogs with a gardening theme included.

Hope this helps.

15 Aug, 2014


Thanks Paul, I'll keep a look out.

15 Aug, 2014


Thanks for the advice, I am wary of links that I don't know......

15 Aug, 2014


I don't like links either, Pam. Bye-bye Loreta, you won't be missed! Thanks, Dave.

16 Aug, 2014


I always keep away from members like that, ever since my encounter with Fifi :((

16 Aug, 2014


I don't blame you, Hywel. It's always better to ignore such people. Pity they post on our forum, though. :-Z

18 Aug, 2014


Yes, I wish there was some way of stopping them, but I don't suppose we can know who anyone is until they post something :(
... but it's good that they can be flagged and got rid of ...

18 Aug, 2014


It seems ages since P & A got the flagging system up and running, but it seems it's essential with the 'odd' people we sometimes get.

19 Aug, 2014


Paul, thanks for the advice.

2 Sep, 2014

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