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Greenhouse Update!


Despite the horrendous weather, I am still happily growing away in the Greenhouse, and so decided to make a note on how things are progressing so far (since November) including the odd experiment!
I thought I would try and grow Broad Beans in a metre long plastic container at the end of the greenhouse, and I’m delighted to say, that they are now on average 8 inches tall and staked up. My experiment with Mushrooms produced 3 largish gourmet Mushrooms and I’m still hoping for some more to be produced, if no more appear, then I may try again with another variety of spawn.
One failure was the supposedly easy growing of Mint seeds, very few grew, and they then went to the big herb plot in the sky, however I then read about how easy it is to take cuttings. Having bought a “live” plant from the supermarket, I now have 14 Mint plants in individual pots. Not sure if it had any beneficial effect, but I placed the cuttings in to a glass of soluble Vitamin C (as seen on the Great British Garden Revival) for a minute before planting and every cutting rooted, I intend to try this Orange Vit C method on other cuttings to see what happens.
A visit to one of the “Pound” shops close to work, saw me arrive back from my lunch-hour together with 3 Blueberry, 2 Green Gooseberry and 3 Red Gooseberry bushes, so far all have survived and looking healthy apart from one Blueberry bush who is sadly no longer with us.
Better results on the seed front are my Parsley (3 inches high at present) and 19 Geraniums, I also have, on two electric window sill propagators in my bedroom, French Marigolds (one inch tall), Nasturtiums (two inches tall) and 14 (out of 15 seeds) “Tumbling Tom” Tomato plants who are an inch high and in individual pots. Slightly worried that I may have put these in too soon due to the heat from the propagators, but I’ll see how they go……….nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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Yes Im also doing my bit in the greenhouse,

I attached some plastic guttering to the side of the staging last year and i sow my garden pea's in this gutter in the greenhouse and a little later on when they're looking healthy enough & the frost had gone
i removed the gutter and the gutter end plate and slide the pea's into the garden pre dug trench,
Gives a nice early start and i find a simple way of looking like i know what im doing.

You can't go wrong with a greenhouse and after you've bought one its not all that long and you get your money back.

28 Feb, 2014


Have to agree, I wouldn't want to be without mine either, my sweetpeas are just showing through, I have mine in the cardboard off the paper towels and toilet rolls, when its time to set them out the whole container will go into the ground, I also have fuschias, geraniums, phlox and alpines but haven't started to sow any of my bedding plant seeds yet, mainly because I sowed too many last year so am determined not to do it again this year.....
I hope your fruit bushes do well for you and thanks for the tip about the vitamin c method for your cuttings, never heard of that one before.......

28 Feb, 2014


when you have striped the leaves of the stems to make your mint sauce, just put the stalks in a glass of water on the window sill and they will have roots in a week or two, have been doing this for years,then you pot it up to give to friends who ask for some as you will have more than enough to go round.

28 Feb, 2014


Thanks for the kind comments and advice which is much appreciated. Really enjoying being part of GOY and meeting the helpful and friendly people on it.

1 Mar, 2014

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